xTal is a free mp3 DJ VSTi plugin in beta for the PC. I'm working on a having someone do a Mac version.
Big news in my life, I got a job. So my time has been effectively squelched temporarily.
It is by no means a finished product, with your help I'm squashing bugs as fast as possible.
It emulates much of the functionality of the popular Native Instruments Traktor.
At this time there is no VSTi version of Traktor and when I started it had no time stretching (just rate in 2.0).
Since Xtal is a VSTi I can apply an infinite amount of VST/DX effects to it.
I can also play other VST instruments on top of it.
And most of the controls can be automated.

I'm working hard to squash bugs. Here are the current versions:
xtal version 0.09 - Little bugs. Correct version number.
xtal version 0.08 - Thread issues being worked upon. More automation Midi CC madness. Bought Evolution X-Session and can use it with xtal happily. VBR issues still abound.
xtal version 0.07 - deck b beat hit detection led back in. timer is more precise. I see that VBR(variable bit rate) mp3s do not seek to the exact position, sample start and end positions will be off with VBR files. The next version will fix this.
xtal version 0.06 - All bug fixes (thanks Kyle M). Loop button works as it should (no crash). Panning on deck b fixed. Sampler works better (no fade in fade out yet).
xtal version 0.05 - ok I added way too much stuff. xTal now has 4 outputs (multiple ways to config output), low/hi pass eqs, sample looper, cueing and on and on. I used this version on new years and didn't have any crashers but I'm sure there are bugs so beware.
xtal version 0.04 - fixed slow automation update, tempo/rate adjust assert, pitch adjust crash, still has bugs though
xtal version 0.03 - original version, has bugs

Enjoy, I spent way too much time making this.
But I really like DJing, which is why I wrote it.
Unzip and copy it into your VST directory.
It is still in beta and is a debug build, there will be bugs. Let me know what problems you find.
Here is a screen shot of Xtal in FLStudio.
Don't worry all the controls have tool tips.
When you mouse hovers over anything important a small window will appear describing what the control does.

Be sure to click the FP button in the lower left hand corner of the window.
It brings up a list box that can cache the contents of a directory recursively.
The Windows file system can be quite slow.
This lets you select a directory and it will show all the mp3s or wavs in it.
My favorite part of this control is that fact you can search with the keyboard.
So if you wanted Yanni (and he was on my laptop), I could go right to the mp3s that start with 'Y' by typing 'Y' when the list box control is in focus.
This is a nice feature when you have hundreds or thousands of mp3s on hand.

And now onto the thanx!
I use Audiere for easy MP3, WAV and AIF streaming, (c) 2001-2003 Chad Austin.
The SoundTouch libaries for time stretching, pitch bending and rate transposing, (c) Olli Parviainen.
I can optionally use the MAD mp3 decoder, (c) 2001, 2002 Robert Leslie. The only problem with this player is that it is GPL. So someday when my source code goes public I'll hook it back up. I wanted to implement two streamers just to see what the difference would be. The both seem similar to have similar performance but Audiere is definitely easier to use.

Audiere and Sound Touch use the LGPL, which can be found here.
MAD uses the GPL, which can be found here.

So hope I covered all the legalities. I am not a lawyer and don't want to be. Use my software how you like. It is free and will remain that.
Ok, back to bug fixing. enjoy!.

joel willard